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Home Decor

Get your creative juices flowing by finding that perfect accessory for your space. Get inspired to update a room or space with our collection of home décor accessories. From our hand turned wood candlesticks, to storage solutions, define your space and style your way.

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If there was ever a place at home to create memories, the kitchen is it. Our kitchen goods are functional and stylish. We have a wide range of items from country vintage décor to industrial style décor. Our handmade cutting boards provide a functional focal point for your kitchen. Use our kitchen compilation to create the perfect kitchen to suit your style.

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We love furniture. We love the way a piece of furniture can change a space, define a room, or become a place where memories are made. All of our furniture from custom wood tables to any of our solid wood furniture is handmade in Calgary. Our creative process is thoughtful and the same care and passion goes into every piece, small or large. Our dream is to help you find and create the perfect piece for your home. Custom sizes, colours, and materials are available, and we would love to help you find the perfect piece.

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  1. a one stop shop for vintage inspired, industrial inspired, farmhouse home decor.
  2. handmade in Calgary, AB, Canada wood cutting boards, furniture, and accessories