Thank you for considering us for your business. We are a small, local, family-run business who focus on design, details, and providing the best possible experience for you. To make this experience as enjoyable as possible please take note of the following:


We design and create wood furniture and home decor in a mainly rustic style. Care is taken to ensure only the best quality wood and workmanship, regardless of price, is in each piece that leaves our shop.

We celebrate wood and all of its unique variations, knots, colours, grain patterns, all add to the beautiful character of wood. We celebrate wood and all of its unique variations; knots, colours, grain patterns, all add to the beautiful character of wood.

Prices do not reflect a different level of quality in any piece, and we want to be able to make a piece to match any budget.

You will notice that some of our pieces of furniture range in price depending on the type of wood used. The lesser priced woods (pine and fir) are softwoods and are more prone to dings and marring, which is a great choice for more rustic and worn looks, and great for a budget. The more expensive woods we build with (birch, maple, walnut) are hardwoods, far denser and more resistant to marring. As well, they have beautiful grain patterns accentuated by stains and finishes. Hardwoods typically take longer to grow and are more expensive to produce and work with, but the product is furniture that will last lifetimes.

All our handmade wood products are made of solid wood. We do not use MDF or particle board in our furniture.

When ordering painted furniture, knot bleed is a natural feature and difficult to avoid, even with our great care, and over time knots may bleed through paint, especially with our pine and fir, thus making the knots more visible.


Wood is a beautiful material to work with, and by its very nature, it is alive. Moisture content of wood is directly relative to its surroundings and as the seasons change, so does the humidity. We design and construct our furniture with this in mind and account for much of this in construction and allow our furniture to acclimate to our shop, however you may see changes in your furniture (small gaps or shifting) as the seasons change.


Custom orders are available. Please contact us if you have a design in mind or a customization to any of our existing products. We want you to have a piece that you will enjoy for a lifetime.

All handmade furniture sales are final. A 50% deposit is required to put you on our build list with the remainder due upon delivery. Depending on demand up to a 12-week lead time may be required. All deposits are non-refundable.